Tuesday, 26 February 2013

my latest addiction


The past month and a half have been insane (to say the least).  But a few weeks ago, I caught the last ten minutes of the latest episode....and I had to watch them all.  Two Sundays later and I'm caught up.  In love.  Enraptured.  I yell at my television when I'm watching it.  I have a hard time turning it off and going to sleep.  One minute I want Fitz and Olivia to work...then the next I think he's an asshole and she HAS to walk away.   Can any affair really end well anyways?  And how does someone become so influential with so many people?  Can I become a "fixer"?  Because it looks like the coolest job in the world.  And I don't know if I've been such a fan of white, beige, and grey, but Kerry Washington makes it work.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

the first week of january

I've been off of work this week, and it's been a good one.  Starting tomorrow, I have a pretty chaotic month ahead - a busy period at work, taking two courses at university, a new gym is opening up nearby which I got a great deal to join and I plan on making use of the membership, and my birthday is in there somewhere too. Today is all about getting a head start on the craziness, but here's what the past seven days have looked like.

On New Year's Day, I went to see Django Unchained.  For someone who is against violence of any sort, it's a little odd how much I enjoy Quentin Tarantino movies.  This one was no different; it didn't amaze me, but it was a very solid movie.  I laughed more than I expected to, but dry/sarcastic humour is up my alley. However, there were two scenes that I absolutely could not watch (the sound effects were enough for me to clearly understand what was happening), and yes, the n-word usage was a bit much.

On Boxing Day, I found a display of puzzles on sale for $4 each (ridiculously cheap for a 750 or 1000 piece puzzle), so I picked up this one.  I'm trying to switch up what I do with my free time - i.e. use my tv less and my brain more - so this fit the bill while I'm off work.

At one point this week, I had to pay my tuition (ouch) and pick up my textbooks for this semester.  I've met the requirements for the program I'm in, so now it's time to take some electives.  The Adolescence textbook is actually a photocopied package of the entire textbook that the prof wants to use that is no longer in print.  Kind of odd, but it cost about $100 less, so I'm in.  And I'm actually really looking forward to the Food: Facts and Fallacies course.  If I had to go back to school and start all over again (and my current career was no longer an option), I would give serious consideration to becoming a nutritionist.  We don't pay enough attention to what we put in our bodies and it's so important.

I finally went to the new Ikea - and was completely overwhelmed.  It's just such a display of excess to me. The walls with forty of the same pot, fifty of the same glasses, and then a dozen of the same painting.  However, I can also admit that I fell in love with some of their organization items.  Pot drawer dividers so your stuff doesn't slide around/fall over?  Yes please.

Sorry about the blurring from the Instagram effects

About two months ago, I decided to learn how to knit after seeing some of the projects that Elise Blaha was pumping out.  After watching some YouTube videos and some tips from a woman I work with, as well as some trial and error pieces, I managed a scarf.  I'm pretty happy about it, even though there's one dropped stitch right near the middle, but I decided to keep it there anyways.  This was pretty much a practice scarf though, I bought the yarn yesterday for one that will match my new winter jacket.  I figure I'll probably finish that one by the end of March, just as I don't need it anymore this winter.

My best friend is also in the city right now (she lives in Edmonton), so there was also a trip to the Forks and a breakfast out with her, a couple of other shopping trips with my mom, and some quality time attempting to get into watching Dexter (I'm still on the fence at this point).  This week off was exactly the kind that I needed - nothing too crazy, but just some time to enjoy the things that I want to do instead of being bogged down by the things that I need to do.  A vacation well spent.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

word of 2013

Years ago, I hopped on the Ali Edwards train and started choosing a word to represent what I hoped the new year would hold or what I wanted to focus on.  As awful as it sounds, I can't remember all of the words I've chosen, but I know that "courage" and "push" were two of the last four.  Some years, it obviously sticks more than others.  

For reasons that I'm not going to delve into, this year is different.  I'm in a different place than I have been for the past 4 or 5 years come January 1st, and this is truly a good thing.  It might not always feel like a good thing, but really, it is.  

I've been thinking about what my word for the year should be for about a week now and was having a tough time coming up with anything that actually felt right or that felt like it mattered.  A coworker of mine has dubbed 2012 the year of change, and 2013 the year of magic.  While I agree with 2012 being a year of change, and I hope that 2013 holds nothing but magic, the word just didn't seem to fit with my plans or my hopes.  

I woke up like a shot quite early this morning.  I wasn't very happy about not being able to fall back asleep, but literally within five minutes of realizing that yes, I was in fact up for the day, my word for 2013 popped into my head - pretty much out of nowhere - and I was instantly attached to it.  That's how I know a word is good...I get attached.  

There are lots of things going on for me in 2013.  I'm on track to finish up the additional certification at university that I've been working on for the past couple of years now.  I'm taking on something at work that I know will challenge me, but it's something that I want and need to do.  I'll be moving into my first home that will truly be my own.  I have some tentative travel plans and I've gotten into some good habits over the last four months that I hope will continue on.  There are people who are no longer in my life (which is a good thing) and I've started to form some new friendships with good people who I really enjoy spending time with.  Everything isn't perfect - far from it - but I'm starting to see past those imperfect parts, which is something that I couldn't seem to do before.  

I got out of bed and made this with some stencils and a cereal box this morning.  Not sure where exactly it will go yet.

It's going to be that kind of year.