Tuesday, 26 February 2013

my latest addiction


The past month and a half have been insane (to say the least).  But a few weeks ago, I caught the last ten minutes of the latest episode....and I had to watch them all.  Two Sundays later and I'm caught up.  In love.  Enraptured.  I yell at my television when I'm watching it.  I have a hard time turning it off and going to sleep.  One minute I want Fitz and Olivia to work...then the next I think he's an asshole and she HAS to walk away.   Can any affair really end well anyways?  And how does someone become so influential with so many people?  Can I become a "fixer"?  Because it looks like the coolest job in the world.  And I don't know if I've been such a fan of white, beige, and grey, but Kerry Washington makes it work.

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