Saturday, 13 October 2012

keeping it simple

Wow, is it tough to find an available blog address.

The night that I sat down and figured out my first blog address - maybe three or four years ago at this point - it took a couple of variations of the title I had been thinking of before I found one that was available.  But tonight...I've been at my dining room table for at least an hour now, typing different combinations of words and trying to figure out what I want this blog to really be about.

As usual, it comes down to me wanting a place to keep track of the good things in my life.  The amazing times that I have with friends, the great experiences that I have in this city, and the memories I want to keep. Hence "She Smiles, She Writes".  That's what I hope to do.  It's easy to get stressed out and overwhelmed with day to day problems and responsibilities, but there's a lot to be happy and grateful for too.

And maybe one or two people will read about it as I go.

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