Sunday, 21 October 2012

we used to be number ten

Recently I've started purging my apartment (more on that another time).  I have a constant flow of massive recycling/garbage/donation bags and boxes going as I attempt to be ruthless with the amount of stuff I keep.  One box that I knew I would eventually come across in my storage room was the one that was full of old CDs.  The ones that didn't quite make the cut to be out in my livingroom on stands with the rest of the ones that are in (semi) regular rotation.

I wanted to get to that box because a few months ago, I had the urge to listen to a particular song.  You of those random moments when an old song pops into your head and you absolutely need to find the CD that you probably haven't listened to in years?  At the time, I wasn't willing to tear apart my entire storage room for a box buried in the back corner, but I also didn't forget about finding this CD weeks and weeks later.

Which CD?

The Fugees.  The Score.

This CD was on repeat for a large portion of high school.  At least one or two songs made it onto the majority of the mixed tapes I made too.  It's been back in my car for the past week or so, and it's good.  So very good.

Remember when Lauryn Hill was sane?  And so talented that we couldn't wait to see what she put out next? to.

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