Tuesday, 27 November 2012

one of those days

I'm having one of those days which is equal parts awesome and overwhelming.

One of those days where your head swims with the creative and fun things that you *want* to do, but those thoughts fight against the waves of the ones about the things that you *need* to do.  Like yesterday.

One of those days where you know that you have all of the ingredients/supplies to make a healthy meal that will fuel you through an afternoon full of productivity, but in reality all that you want to eat are the caramel-filled Hershey's kisses sitting in the candy jar on your coffee table.

One of those days where you want to push aside all of the obligations you currently have to work through and finish and instead focus on the new projects that are on the horizon.

One of those days where you find a great online sale, but also realize that you are so close to sticking to your budget and saving up money for the bigger purchase you are making in the very near future, so you don't click on "check out".  And then revel in your self-restraint, while still thinking about the items in your virtual cart.

One of those days where you want the company of family or friends, but you are enjoying the quiet so much that you don't dare interrupt it.

One of those days where you purposely avoid turning on season four of Breaking Bad because you know that you can never watch just one episode.

One of those days where you make plans - lots of plans - about creative projects and meal plans and recipes and workouts and movies to watch and places to visit and books to read and music to listen to, but in the end, you spend far too much time playing around on the internet and ignore the towels sitting in the dryer waiting to be folded.

One of those days that you need to still all of the thoughts/demands/to-do list items running through your head so that you can tackle everything with a renewed vigor that comes with calm.

Just one of those days.

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