Thursday, 29 November 2012

breaking bad

As I've mentioned before, the majority of television that I watch tends to fall on the reality tv side, with a few long-standing exceptions.  This means that I'm often behind the eight ball when it comes to current shows that it seems everyone is in love with.  The list right now includes - Mad Men, The Wire (not current, but I still haven't watched it), Breaking Bad, Grey's Anatomy (I'm caught up to season five, but aren't they on season nine or ten right now?), Homeland, Scandal, and the list goes on.


I finally decided to dive in to one of them.  And since Breaking Bad seems to have shorter seasons, I went with it first.  I turned on the first few episodes while I was ironing clothes one weekend....and then didn't watch another episode for easily a month.

It didn't grab me.  At all.  I wasn't interested in this man who just seemed so angry all of the time (and justifiably so, given that he's dying, or thinks that he is) and who seems to enjoy yelling at his former student.  So I gave up.

But a couple of people (both in real life and on Twitter) assured me that things pick up, so I tried again and made it to the end of season one.

I still wasn't impressed.

Then I was told that I'd have to get into season two before it really started to get good.  Really?  An hour long drama has to be into its second season before I want to turn it on every week?  That doesn't seem right.  But I promised a friend that I'd stick with it, and another month later, I turned on season two.

Did I get hooked?  Yes.  Was it early on in season two?  No.

I didn't really get into Breaking Bad until almost the season finale of season two.  Which is way too long for a show to take.  Had I been watching this as it was actually airing, there's no way that I would have held on that long.  I probably wouldn't have even noticed when season two started.

But by the finale, I needed to know what happened next.  I stayed up late to finish the season off, because it was just getting that good.  I woke up the next day and started season three, promptly ignoring the work that needed to be done by the next day.

The point of this long post is - yup, Breaking Bad, you won me over.  Finally.  And now I need to know what happens.  Congratulations writers, you win.

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