Tuesday, 4 December 2012


It can be hard to remember that change is a good thing.  When you're right in the midst of it, and feelings are hurt and life is unsettled, it's easy to want to go back to the way things were before - whether or not "before" was actually good for you in any way, shape, or form.

Change is hard no matter the context.

Changing your eating habits?  You have to deal with the cravings, and more than likely, increased prep and cooking time (pizza pops don't take nearly as much time as loaded salads or stir frys).

Changing your exercise routine?  Or starting one, period?  Brace yourself for the physical hurts and awkwardness that comes with trying to move your body in ways that it possibly hasn't for years.

Changing your location or your home?  A friend of mine compares buying a home and moving to that of labour, in the sense that it's a stress and trauma that people tend to forget about after the fact when they are just appreciating their new home/baby.  But there's turmoil there before you move in and start to decorate.

Changing relationships?  Ending toxic ones and starting to meet new people?  Again, there will be hurt...possibly withdrawal...and maybe some lonely times for a bit.  But in the end, your life will be full (hopefully) of positive and supportive people.

In the end all of these changes result in good.  Your life becomes more positive.  You move in new directions and have new experiences and grow as a person.

It's just a matter of keeping that in mind as you go through it.

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