Sunday, 2 December 2012

twilight's end

In the midst of a busy month at work, I took a night off and went with a friend to see the final Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn Part II.  In an attempt to avoid a huge crowd, we went to a 5 pm show, and managed to avoid a full theatre.

By total fluke, we also ended up in a renovated theatre which meant leather reclining seats, more leg room, and preselected seats.  The screen was floor to ceiling too, although once the movie started, the additional screen size didn't make much difference.

Now, I have not seen all of the Twilight movies.  Fact is, I didn't like reading Eclipse at all, so I skipped that movie.  I'm not a die hard fan, but I was curious as to how the series would end.

And I enjoyed the movie....especially given the fact that I finished the book a couple of years ago and couldn't recall much of the storyline (it obviously wasn't a literary masterpiece).  The makeup and hair people finally made Kristen Stewart look alive (ironic considering she's now a vampire), and given that the movie covered the second half of the novel, the plot moved along at a solid pace.

As for the surprise twist at the end - having forgotten exactly how the saga ended, there were multiple points throughout the movie when my friend and I looked at each other and said "Is that how it happened in the book?", and this twist was no different.  We were a bit confused at first and unsure of what the producers were going for with the ending, but appreciated it after all.

Truth be told, I probably won't watch this movie again for quite some time (if ever) being that I'm not an overly eager Twilight fan, but I'm glad we decided to go see it in theatre...especially given the leather reclining seats.

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  1. confession: i just saw this movie for the 3rd time last night! :) i thought they did an excellent job with the book to movie conversion. i am a crazy fan, though! hehe.
    thank you for stopping by my blog! i'll definitely be back to visit yours!