Monday, 31 March 2014

a simple word....a complicated idea

The prompt: Spirit

"Meditation, prayer, gratitude, faith, comfort. How is this a part of your day? Do you pray? Meditate? Express daily gratitude? Go to church or participate in another sort of faith community? If none of this is a part of your life, think about where you find meaning and comfort. What does that look like in your life?"

I can say yes to some of the questions in this prompt. I can say "I don't know" to others.

I know that I think spirit doesn't have to mean a religious practice with regular attendance at church. But I know that for some people, that's exactly what it means.

I know that I see people who take great comfort in their beliefs, and that I sometimes wish that I held as much faith in something that brought me such assurance in the times that I need it.

I know that taking time to acknowledge the things I am grateful for each day is important to me and it has an impact on how I view the events and people in my life.

I know that meditation is hard, but something I should probably work at.

I know that I believe in being mindful, and I think that it can affect a person's spirit.

I don't know exactly what I believe "spirit" to be. I cannot define it or describe it.

I don't know exactly where I stand in terms of religion.

I don't know how to put blind faith in something that cannot be proven, isn't tangible, or cannot be explained.

I don't know how to quiet my mind or be patient when I attempt to meditate. Song lyrics start running through my mind (on a loop sometimes) and no matter how many times I acknowledge them and center back on my breathing, they start up again.

I know that spirit matters. I know that taking care of your spirit is important. I also know that I don't have it figured out yet.


Prompt #4 in Ali Edwards' class "31 things" through Big Picture Scrapbooking is spirit.

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