Sunday, 30 March 2014

currently - march 30th

time: 5:30 p.m.

location: my office.  Using a laptop and a desktop computer....that's a first.

watching: season one of Community.  After crying at the finale of Friday Night Lights yesterday, I needed something a little lighter on Netflix today.

feeling: excited about this upcoming week off of work and actually having time to do things that keep getting put on hold.  A little sad that my guy still won't be home for another week.

loving: Netflix.  I held off getting it because I had heard that the Canadian content wasn't that great, but as someone who prefers watching a full season of a show as opposed to waiting for it to air each week, there are so many options.  I've barely turned on my television in the past month and have cancelled half of my cable packages.

thinking:  about writing and this blog. I've been thinking about writing a lot to get better at it, how to make more time for it, what I have to say, and how to say it without sounding like an idiot.

making: there is a substantial list of the things I would like to make/work on in the next week.  I just started working on Project Life for this year, I have a scarf that I would like to finish (even though I won't need it much longer.  Hopefully.), the table in my entryway needs a table runner, all of my photos from Vancouver are waiting to get into an album, and the list goes on and on.

wanting: to not waste time this week, for my guy to come home

needing: to find some new recipes.  I'd like to cook more actual meals, but I need a place to start.

This idea comes from Tina at Life Love Paper

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