Monday, 17 March 2014


I have a thing with books.  I have a whole different thing with bookstores.  My brain releases endorphins when I walk into a bookstore.  I have always loved the smell of a new book and turning the crisp new pages for the first time.  I have a hard time walking out of a bookstore without at least one purchase, and I have been known to leave with three or four or even five new titles.

When it comes to books:

1. I have good intentions when it comes to non-fiction, but on a random night when I am looking for a book to dive into, I will almost always choose fiction.

2. I own at least 80 books that I have yet to read.  My reading rate has not kept up with my shopping rate.

3. In the past ten years, I have read more young adult literature than adult literature.

4. Of the adult literature I have read, it has probably been an even split between "chick lit" (a label I'm not fond of) and classic literature.  Crime and Punishment is up on deck right now.

5. Starting a daily routine of reading before I fall asleep is forever a goal.  It probably happens 3 nights a week right now.

6. Despite the number of books I own that I have not read, I still regularly take books out of the library.

7. I try to "work" the hold system at the library.  I'll pick a book that's available right now, then one that has a short waiting list, then one that has a long waiting list.  In theory, they should all arrive at different times and be spread out enough that I actually have a chance to read one before the next one gets here.  This theory rarely works out and I usually end up having to take books back without having a chance to have read them at all.

My current stack of library books

8. My current list of books to read (within the next couple of months) include more young adult lit, some classic lit, books about food and its effect on health, books about writing, and books about investing money.

9. I have only learned how to start parting with books within in the past year.  If I didn't enjoy a book (or wasn't even able to get through it), then it should go somewhere where someone else might.

10. I am fairly certain that for every book I have donated in the last year, there are now one - or sometimes even two - in its place.

11. I am not sure that I will be convinced to switch from actual books to an e-reader.  I like the idea of carrying an e-reader around in my purse (much easier than a big hardcover book), I like the convenience of space that an e-reader offers (versus shelves and shelves of books), but I just don't think I will ever give up turning pages in exchange for looking at another screen.

12. I am envious of people who are incredibly well read.  I am working on it.

Prompt #3 in Ali Edward's class "31 Things" through Big Picture Scrapbooking is Read.

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