Sunday, 9 March 2014

need a table, build a table

Maybe it's something about owning a home that I actually truly care about (versus temporarily renting an apartment), but my desire to make things for my home is unlike it ever has been before.

I have an office that is in the middle of being furnished.  I would like to get a futon or day bed of some sort to have in there, and I need to get some prints up on the walls.  I knew for awhile that I was going to need some sort of small table in that room, and I really hoped that it would be one that could double as both an end table for the futon and a table for my sewing machine.  I also knew that the size I was looking for would be tough to find, and that finding one with adjustable legs (for the different heights that I would need) would be next to impossible.

So on a whim I decided to build a table.  Now, I stopped taking woods classes after grade 9, so my skills are slim to none.  But after my guy found that Ikea sells adjustable table legs, it was just a matter of buying the wood from Home Depot and getting them to cut it to size.

A quick sanding job and a couple of coats of paint later, and I was ready to attach said legs.  Without going into great detail of how I jumped the gun and overlooked some pretty important pieces of hardware - and my guy's total and absolute patience after making another unnecessary trip to Home Depot - he helped me attach the legs and taught me how to use a drill at the same time.  I adore that man.

The finished table isn't perfect - it turns out the piece of wood I bought wasn't totally flat - but I made it and I love it.  And it's sturdy, which is the important thing.  Since the room is still not organized, the table is currently a holding place for any and all important it can take some weight.  Good thing.

The underside of the table with the adjustable legs from Ikea.

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